Harshan K A, the sun chaser!

It’s the ability to see the unseen and hear the unheard prompts one to change the route of his voyage to the unknown realms of life to unfold the unsung secrets around us. That is what
K A Harshan, an engineering graduate from the Govt. Engineering College, Thrissur is up to. Harshan hailing from a village named Chazhoor in central Kerala is all set to storm the world of science with his astonishing revelations through his biological theory of Sun. He is now practicing as a general insurance surveyor with nationalised insurance companies in India and simultaneously continuing his pursuit to explore the unexplored.

Harshan developed a liking for philosophy in his childhood days itself and he has a strong base in Vedic philosophy and as a college student it was his interest in the philosophical problems in thermodynamics kick started his research on the relation between Sun and Entropy. He found that though ample importance is given to the Sun as the centre in the Vedic philosophy, western schools tend to ignore such an edge for the Sun. Earth’s dependency on the Sun and other similar streams of thought prompted Harshan to delve deep into the unturned chapters in the evolution of universe both physically and philosophically.

The Bilogical theory of Sun proposed by Harshan is a result of one’s relentless efforts to find the real truth that would pose a threat to several existing theories on Sun and the evolution of universe in general. The theory is a revelation which Harshan hopes to spread across the globe to open a new era in the study of science and nature. Harshan conducts seminars and workshops on his theory and his lectures are arranged by many educational institutions, academic departments and interested groups. He also wrote three books on the subject named ‘Entropy and the Sun’ (English), ‘Sathayum Suryanum (Malayalam) Sookshma Shareeram Soorryanilekku (Astral body into the sun / Malayalam))

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