Amateur scientist Mr. Harshan in his book, ‘Birth of a Star’ is of the opinion that the earth was a small star as like other stars in the sky.

The Stars are everywhere in the sky. The more powerfull the telescope the number of stars seen more. So he is of the opinion that the generation of Stars is a universal phenomenon. As per the universal concept, the generation of Stars, is with a specific purpose.

According to him, the stars are produced from a homogeneous premordial substance and he assumes that it physically exist only in the interstellar medium. About such ‘parent matter’, a few of the Western and Eastern thinkers are of the opinion that there exists a parental matter. For example Werner Heisenberg called about this as ‘Parent matter’. ‘Sadasath’, ‘Nirgunabrahma’, ‘Avyaktha’ etc. are other words of this virgin substance as per different schools. Our nature is formed from the pure substance. Harshan’s new thinking is that the original substance is neutral but there was ‘Prajna’ (the element of life). So it was not a fully inert matter. In brief the life is inherantly universal and the ground of universe was not the lowest form of Being. Usually Western Scientists think that the premordial substance may be the lowest dimension of matter. The reason for this conclusion is ego-centric mind set. If their ego is reduced to zero the inherent ‘prajna’ of ‘Karana Dravya’ can be easily understood.

Harshas sun

The stars are formed from the lumonious points in premodial substance. The premodial cause in forming a luminous point and to grow is that the basic material had no Anandam. But this neutral substance is always in browsing motion. Thus the first illumination starts to grow and ultimately this growth will culminate to form a star which is the goal of Being. Ofcourse our mind may oppose this growth. The reason to grow the light (Thejus)is that there was no antoher force to oppose it’s growth - One without second. We are all immersed in the ocean of oppositions. That is why we deny this free growth theory of the proto-star. Sun and stars are formed to create Supreme Bliss from the neutral impotent state of Being.

The sun is not ‘Asat’, which it is the highest form of ‘Sat.’ There is Supreme Bliss in the sun. He has already explained this concept in his previous book ‘Entropy and the Sun’ and in his website.

During the time of formation of the sun, a lot of waste materials were marginalised and these are the planets, satellites, asteroids, meteors, comets and Oort clouds which are revolving around the sun.

But in the close obseration we may conclude that the giant planet Jupiter is not directly derived from the sun because Jupiter is of 1/10th in diameter of the sun, 318 times mass of earth, and 1330 times in volume of Earth. Jupiter’s mass is more than twice that of all other planets put together. Jupiter has around 60 satellites of its own. Surprisingly two satellites of Jupiter are bigger than the planet Mercury. For long back the Jupiter could have been a star. In other words the Jupiter may be the fossil of an aborted star.

Harshas sun

Harshan emphasis that not only Jupiter but also the Earth was a small star. According to him the earth ‘was not a star’ but still a dim star. Long back the sun and the earth were situated independently and were not revolving. Later they became twin stars. Twin stars and triple stars are more common than the single stars like the sun. Later the sun dominated over the earth and most of the ‘Sat’ (essence) of earth were absorbed by the sun. Previously, the earth had a good luminous biosphere (in aggregated form). Later the enlightened portion of the earth was absorbed by the sun. This exploitation by the sun is still on. But he agrees that there is no experimental evidence that the life energy (Sat) is absorbed by the sun from the earth. But he produces many ancient scripts which tells about the sun absorbs the Sat (Havis) of the earth through subtle routs of nature. The meaning of Ravi is, one who absorb the rasa (Sat). In his new book he says all other planets except our earth, are aborted and deserted by the sun.

This theory can prove logically by ‘Panchabhootha Sidhanda’. According to Panchbhootha Sidhantha, Earth (Pridvi), Water, Air, Space and Fire are derived from a single original substance - Nirguna Brahma. In other words the water, air, sand etc are the split-up of a single material. The division of the primordial substance took place during the formation of the sun.

The sand, rock, water etc on earth were formed during the time, then the earth was a star. But after the intrusion of the sun the divine part of earth was shifted to the sun. Now the earth lost all of her luster and identity and now totally she is an integral part of the sun.

Harshas sun

Scientists and philosophers have never connected the relation between the huge inert mass of universe and the enlightened portions (stars of the universe). There are many inert material belts around all stars. The reality is that there was indivisible relation between the luminous sun and the inert Earth.

Harshan does not agree with Hydrogen fusion theory of the sun because he believes that the sun is not ‘Asat’ - but it is the highest form of ‘Sat’. Sat cannot be derived from thermonuclear reactions. Fusion and fission are the Asat processes. This thought is clearly expressed in his book ‘Entropy and the sun’ and in his website. His theory cannot be popularised because of some observers problems. Especially ego centric - mind set and the mathematical dogma of astrophysicsts.

In his previous book, ‘Entropy and the Sun’ he had argued that the Sun has a luminous living biosphere. Now he says in his new book millions of years back our earth also had a luminous Shell of biosphere. It obviously implies that our Earth was a small shining star like other stars in our Galaxy.

The Planets are degraded stars

Harshas sun


Introducing important terms

1.     Entropy : - It is a familiar term for all physics students. They study about entropy while studying Thermodynamics. In order to understand this website we need only physical idea of the terms Entropy and Negative entropy.

Physical meaning of Entropy is expressed below in different ways.

  • Entropy is disorder or degree of disorder in a system.
  • Entropy is the amount of randomness present in a system.
  • Chaos is another word of Entropy.
  • Entropy may be defined as lack of information in a system
  • All physical systems or structures get decay, depreciation & dissipation is due to entropy property of nature. (Eg: corrosion and Erosion)

2.     Negative Entropy : - It is just opposite of Entropy. This term was first applied by Nobel Prize winner Erwin Schrodinger. He discovered there is order making phenomenon in living matter. The living cell (plants or animals) organizes billions of molecules. The living things move in a direction of opposite that of Entropy process. In other words there is continuous super order in biological structure. The negative Entropy theory was firstly appeared in Schrodinger’s book, “What is life from the point view of physics?”

Biological theory of the sun

All of us know that there is super harmony or super order in the cells arrangement and in working of brain, hearts etc. In this site I claim that the Schrodinger’s negative entropy principle exists in our sun also. So the sun must be a biological being. I am stating below the reasons why there is negative entropy law (biological law) in sun.


  • The sunlight has the highest quality in the base of biological parameters.
  • Photosynthesis takes place in the best form in sunlight.
  • The pure sunlight cannot be produced by artificial means like hydrogen fusion or black body radiation.
  • The unchangeable nature of the sun in million or billion of years is due to the amazing super order structure in the sun. The sun resists the attack of time only because in the sun there is the reverse law of entropy or biological law governs in the sun.
  • Sun is the base of life on earth it shouldn’t be treated as an agent of life but as a core centre of entire life in solar system.

If there is living dimension in the sun it must be in mega dimension. In other words the core of the sun is the highest form of consciousness.
The sun is not only the physical center of solar system but also the intellectual control center of the solar system.

Must we accept fusion theory of the sun?

The fusion theory of the sun was established during the Second World War after finding the nuclear fusion of Hydrogen. In hydrogen bomb four hydrogen atoms fused together and form one helium atom. In this fusion process matter is converted in to energy. It is represented by the equation.

1 H1 + 1 H1 + 1 H1 + 1 H1 2H24 + Energy

This is the well accepted principle of the unremitting constant surge of energy from the sun. The discovery of spectrum line of helium gas in the sun also supported the Hydrogen fusion in the sun.

But we cannot accept the above fusion theory for the sun due to the following reason.

  • In the light which comes from thermo nuclear reactions, the photo synthesis in the plants cannot take place.
  • There is a sharp chronological cycles inside the sun. It is physically observable by telescope. For instance the sunspots are observed cyclically in the interval of 11 years. A hydrogen bomb model sun need not show such punctual cycles.
  • The sun was not formed by accident but due to definite law of nature. Such a natural law is not discussed in fusion theory. In the sky we see billions of stars similar to the sun. So the formation of stars is not an isolated phenomenon. In my opinion the stars are formed to perform specific purpose of nature.
  • I have traced through history to find the evolution of nuclear fusion theory of the sun, and I have found that the negative mindset or ego centric mindset of nuclear scientists had played a role in that war era. Remember that the theory was not the result of a peaceful eco-friend mind at the time of Second World War.

How is the energy produced in the sun?

I have already argued that the fusion in the sun is wrong. Then what is the source of energy in the sun?

If the sun is a super order system the sun must be a mega dimension of life. In other words the sun has super living dimension and it operates very similar to a biological organism, but in a higher plane. In order to explain the sun we want a new insight of the space around the sun. The fusion theory is silent about the function of space in the working of the sun. The sun continuously manifests energy is not from a finite amount of hydrogen stored in the initial stage. The sun constantly absorbs and delivers energy from the space. The infinite space is the infinite source to energy. In other words the confluence of the inter stellar space is the source of solar energy. The inter stellar space moves towards the center of the solar system.

How the space moves to the sun?

I have already mentioned that the sun has a mega dimension of life. It implies that in the interior of the sun there is a supreme bliss abode. In order to enjoy the existence of space, the space moves to the center of the sun and embrace the supreme bliss abode of the sun.

How the space knows there is bliss abode in the sun because the space has no brain? Or mind?

Actually the space has a basic dimension of life, or element of life. It can understand by studying the chemotactics in micro organism. In chemotactic phenomenon even the single cell bacteria moves in logical path to get their food.
In internet; “Chemotactic movement resembles like higher life forms with brains that process sensory data”.
The chemotactic movement proves the spiritual or living dimension of space.
In addition to that from photosynthesis we can imagine that there is an element of life (spiritual dimension) in the sunlight. Since the light of all stars in the universe is similar to the sunlight we can conclude that the element of life is universal.

The sunlight is the frequency changed interstellar space. The character of interstellar medium is changed at mega-biological abode of the sun.
The interstellar medium has inherent moving tendency. In ultimate analysis the cause of energy is due to the inherent moving character of space. There is no need of a prime - mover to activate the space because the subtle space is not impotent.

All these details are described in my new book, “The birth of a star”. However doubts can be cleared by chatting through this site.

Origin of solar system

Most people believe that the sun, stars and all galaxies appeared after the so called Big Bang theory. I don’t agree with the concepts of Big Bang theory . The theory came from the Humbles observation that some galaxies are moving each other. In my opinion it is a wild imagination. The fault of Big Bang theory can be understood by just following the new theory of origin of solar system.

Firstly all the galaxies are not moving apart each other. For example Andromeda galaxy, the nearest galaxy is coming towards our milky way or distances between these galaxies are decreasing. Another specific reason is to say that the stars in a single galaxy are not in relative movements. In other words the stars in a galaxy have no mutual movement and their distances are constant. In the book ‘Entropy and the sun’ I have given a criticism against Big Bang theory.

The new theory says that the sun is germinated and derived from the interstellar space. There are three types of spaces.

  • Inter planetary space
  • Inter stellar space
  • Inter galactic space

I believe that there is not much difference between inter stellar space and inter galactic space because we see many stars in inter galactic space with out any connection of any kingdom of galaxy. But inter planetary space and inter stellar space are quite different. The inter stellar medium is not empty vacuum. It has been already agreed by Astrophysicists.

The new thought is that the interstellar medium (ISM) is a unique physical scalar field which exists only outside the solar system. The solar system is derived from this undefined stuff. The interstellar space is a virgin matter.

Before the formation of solar system this virgin stuff was neutral or scalar (not polarized) and after polarization and due to different processors the neutral virgin stuff got transformed in to solar system. The interstellar field itself is the unified physical field that Einstein tried to find his last 30 years. It is imagined that the interstellar field has a tendency to enjoy its physical existence due to the basic element of life. This can be understand by scrutiny of microscopic and macroscopic movement of living matter. We had already in conclusion that the universe has a substratum line of living dimension. Even though the universe has an element of living dimension the supreme bliss exist only in the abode of stars like the sun. The pure life without any pleasure has no meaning. The happiness (anandam) is produced by the concentration of scalar virgin field. In order to get more happiness we can imagine that a bright point accidentally formed in the interstellar living space. It is imagined that there is a continuous browsing tendency for inter stellar medium. Due to this browsing the bright point developed. It was the seed of the sun. Consequently the gradual development of the bright point let to the formation of the sun. It may take millions or billions of years. In my opinion the neutron stars and pulsars are the proto stars or baby stars.

It is self evident that the sun has highest degree of quality in all terms. All qualities that we see on earth is the split up of sun’s quality. The sun achieved this high dimension of quality by exploiting and accumulating the surrounding virgin space.
In other words in the division process of the virgin space the divine part was absorbed by the sun and the degraded or inert waste portion marginalized apart from the sun. At the emergence of the sun the marginalized materials joined together (by gravitation attraction) and formed as planets, satellites, asteroids etc.

The above theory can be expressed like this: Suppose people found a rich gold-ore in a land. Let their king decided to make a big golden globe in that place by purifying the gold ore. During the process of formation of golden globe we get a huge waste of discarded materials. Assume that the conversion took place in neutral space. The waste materials could have formed in to the form of planet and orbit around the golden globe (similar to the sun)

Entropy Law is not universal

Entropy Law is a destructive law which exists only inside of the solar system. Most of the scientists believe that this depreciating property exist all portions of the universe and they think that due to this aging process all universe will die called heat death of universe. Entropy and negative entropy are the subjects connected with the sun (star) only. In interstellar, space (the space not connected with any star) doest not exist entropy or negative entropy. Stars are forming in order to get supreme bliss. In order to make the sun, certain parts of virgin space are degraded. The inter planetary space is the space after the degradation. For instance the space between Jupiter and Uranus is reminder or residual part after the formation of the great divine product the sun.

The degraded portion will be again equalized after disappearing of the sun.

I see two chances of disappearing the stars.

1st Model: Perfectum Theory of the sun

We cannot predict the life span of the sun because the sun is a perfectum and which has all infrastructure and feed back systems to oppose the invasion of entropy. In other words the sun’s structure is designed as it is independent from the frame of time. Therefore the sun and stars are independent from time on condition that if the ‘Sun God’ works properly in all times. According to this theory we cannot predict the age of the sun because there is no finite life span for a star.

2nd Model:

According to this model the sun has finite age. After finishing this age the sun vanishes and ultimately all parts of the sun is absorbed by the interstellar medium. One important point has to say that the natural unfolding and natural folding in the space (formation of star and dissolving the star) will not make any permanent loss or gain for total space, because it is a perfect natural reversible process. In other words by forming the sun and dissolving the sun there is no damage for the infinite space. This idea of perfect reversible process of universe by formation of stars and withdrawals of stars is very difficult to digest because we live under the frame of time and entropy.

I am unable to assess whether 1st model or 2nd model is more correct.

However both theories show that there won’t be any permanent damage to infinite space by the formation and dissolving the stars. The number of stars may increase or decrease in the universe. We cannot say that after one billion years the total number of stars will be increased or decreased. Similarly we cannot say one million years back the number of stars in the universe was more than now or less than now. In other words the number of stars in the sky has no direct relation with time. In inter stellar space at any time germination of stars may come.

The total universe does not become weak by time and there is no progress by time. So there is no starting point and termination point for the universe.

The entropy is a local property which exists only in inter planetary space. In brief the inter stellar space is independent from time. The negative entropy also exists in the sun or star only; and not in scalar or neutral interstellar space. The inter stellar space is neutral but there is an inherent potential for this unique substance. That unique property of the space is to be investigated. This interstellar medium is itself the Einstein’s Unified Physical Field, the homogeneous ultimate substance of Spinoza, Heisenberg’s parent matter or “Nirguna Brahma” of ancient Indian Saints. According to the ancient Saints the ultimate human knowledge is that about this original substance from which all subjective (mind, consciousness etc) and objective (fields, gases, liquids & solid matter) nature are evolved.


According to Erwin Schrodinger there is negative entropy in biological structure. Since the biological world is bound (obliged) with the supreme light and heat of the sun we are obliged to search any negative entropy in the sun. The nuclear fusion theory of the sun is wrong because the disorder fusion energy cannot be united with the biosphere. There is a supreme bliss in the abode of the sun. The source of solar energy is the interstellar space. The sunlight is the transformed interstellar space. The sun is formed by the confluence of space. The space around the sun moves to the sun to embrace the bliss abode inside the sun.

There is no starting point and terminating point for the universe.
The number of stars in the space may decrease or increase but the background medium of stars will remain for ever without any permanent damage. The interstellar space is independent from the entropy law and time. The inter stellar space from which all materials derived is the unified field.

Observer’s Problem

Currently almost all scientists in the world believe that the sun is a non biological nuclear inert system. If this theory is revised in to biological term many fundamentals of astrophysics will be upset.

Even though the above bio-theory of the sun is simple and logical I have faced many difficulties to convince the mainstream scientists. Actually this new theory of the sun is very simple and logical and can understand even a lay man.

On Earth man believes that his intelligent is the highest of all species. Subconsciously he thinks that he is the most precious living being on Earth. Due to this pressure of thought comparing other animals he is so ego-centric. Due to this ego-centric mind set he has a tendency to deny his outer systems. So the modern men especially scientists don’t like an external conscious center like the sun.

Men kill many animals everyday for his food. In fact the slaughter houses and Hitler’s concentration camps has no difference. But a man doesn’t feel much pain due to his anti-mind set said above. This is because he has an inherent tendency to negate his outer systems.

In prehistoric times Indian Saint’s outlook was quite different. They treated nature has same or above status of them. They treated even trees have same personality of human being. They worshiped the sun is not due to fear but because of the sun is the ultimate source of his nature and he is nourished by the sun.

In order to prove this ego centric or anti-mindset of modern scientist, I can give a historical proof. Dr. J.C. Bose put forwarded a theory that plants also have life and passion like animals. At that time most of the western biologists disagreed with him. At last he even forced to make an instrument called cressograph which graphically proved that plants have passions like animals. But in the case of Indian mindset we can easily understand that the plants have life without the help of any instrument. I found that there is slight difference in Western and Eastern mind sets. I am not accusing all European Scientists. There are many eco-friendly, saintly scientists in western world now. In brief, I understand that in order to get entrance in to this new theory of the sun you must arrest the projection of your ego for few minutes. Then only you can penetrate in to the essence of this new theory of the sun. In order to understand the sun we need not only IQ but also SQ (Spiritual intelligence)

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